Proper filter size and filter changes are important

A properly sized  ac filter will save you tons of money and headache.Most ac problems start with incorrectly sized or dirty filters. A properly sized filter will completely cover the return coil, not allowing air to go around the filter. A clean ac filter will allow air to flow thru unrestricted. If a filter shows signs of wear or visible dirt,it's time to replace. A standard filter should last 2-3 months. Running a ac system with a dirty filter decreases the efficiency and puts a heavy strain on the blower motor ,which causes premature motor failure. A good schedule is a must for filter changes.Comment which filter work best for you or which ones are not so good. 

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If you think hiring an experienced ac tech is expensive , try hiring a cheap one.

We know the process of finding and hiring a reliable and affordable a/c tech can be overwhelming. Just like the old saying goes "you get what you pay for". Always seek lisenced and insured professionals when you are having work done at your home or business.Before hiring a hvac contractor 100 of questions come to mind. Well this is the place to ask what are some important questions you should ask the tech, before the purchase of a new ac system?

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Why is my Air-conditioner freezing?

a) Dirty filters can cause A/C freezing (replace filter with proper size)

b) Freezing is also commonly due to low refrigerant (please schedule a visit)

Why is my unit leaking water?

common cause to water leaks is a clogged drain line,check your outside drain line,if no sign of drainage.(schedule a service call )

How much, and whats included with a service call?

a) a Residentia Call is $89+tax and Commercial Call $125+tax

b) Service call include -Diagnostic of system,Coil Inspection,Service to drain line and refrigerant check(repairs will be an additional charge)